Recipient to Shelley

Dear Shelley,

I am writing you this letter regarding your egg donation program. When first looking into the egg donation process my husband and I looked into several agencies before selecting your firm. We had a wonderful experience and would have to say without a doubt that your agency had the best staff and service levels. From the beginning we were treated with respect and confidentiality, making us feel like we were the only customer you were dealing with, which we knew was not the case. Each staff member that we came in contact with was courteous, thorough, and friendly, while also processing our paperwork and requests promptly. Overall the process went very smoothly and you and your staff made us feel like we were a member of your family.

As you know first hand, going through the egg donation process as a recipient is an emotional journey, mainly what you experience getting to this point, and you and your staff made us feel right at home. I can see why you have wonderful relationships with your donors as well as your customers.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience! My husband and I are so appreciative of the service you provide; we have an incredible son because of it!

Dear Shelley,

I am overwhelmed by your generosity and kind words. I cannot express what these two experiences have given me in terms of a sense of contribution and joy. You and the women you work with are the angels. The attention and goodness Wendie and Lucy gave to me was familiarly. Everyone at HRC, again, were flawless. The union you have with HRC was a match made in heaven.

Thank you for the amount of research you have put into this enterprise that I can’t even call a business. For your work transcends any label for it is vast and multidimensional and beyond words.


Dear Shelley,

Words seem almost inadequate. We are so grateful to have been introduced to you and your staff as our donor agency. Having had an uncomfortable experience elsewhere in the process, we came to your agency with some apprehension. But your expertise and obvious love for your work sets us at ease. As the process unfolded, we became increasingly aware and more appreciative of the screening and insight shown with your initial recommendation (who ultimately became our donor). We send you all good thoughts and best wishes for the future and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Dear Shelley,

How do you thank someone for volunteering to give the gift of life? There’s no format for such a letter. There’s no greeting card from Hallmark (at least not yet). So instead, we’ll just tell you from our hearts how enormously lucky we feel to have connected with you. So now we try to express the unexpressible – to tell you how grateful we are for the opportunity you are giving us to fulfill our dream of building a family. To be sure, we’re keeping our excitement in-check (we don’t count our chickens before they hatch, so to speak). But regardless of the ultimate outcome, we can’t thank you enough for giving us a chance to achieve what we believe is the greatest gift of all – the gift of life.

Dear Shelley,

How can I ever thank you enough for what you’ve done for us? Words are inadequate. I was so touched by your call from New York. You always say the perfect things in special times. Our whole experience in Los Angeles was a beautiful one for us, and you put it all together! Dr. XXXXX could not have been more professional and compassionate throughout the whole time with our donor! What a complete delight! I’m so glad you gave us the opportunity to meet her. We both could not have been happier after visiting with her. Shelley, I admire you so much for the important work you do. It is amazing to think how many lives you have touched and the many dreams that you have made come true.

Dear Shelley,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated being involved in your program. It’s been a very positive experience all around. You could not have been nicer or more attentive to us. You put us at ease right from the start. You are always positive and yet realistic and straight forward. I think you are a pioneer in your field and we hope that all donor programs follow your lead. You know as well as we do that infertility is hard enough to deal with, without it being clinical and impersonal.

Dear Shelley,

We were told your name several years ago after yet another failed cycle. We took note of it, but didn’t pay much attention. Then of course, as the years passed, you were once again brought to our attention. What we didn’t know when we were told your name was “who you were.” We didn’t know the passion and professionalism and compassion with which you pursued your calling. We do now. When we were talking with one of the nurses at HRC about you, extolling your virtues, your grace and beauty and passion, she smiled and said, “Oh yes. Shelley Smith is a lioness!” A lioness, indeed.

Thank you, Shelley. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear Shelley, Christi and Sue,

Thank you Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.From the start to my trip to LA, you gave us guidance, support and the human touch. As with so many couples you work with, we came to you tired and dejected after multiple failed IVFs and from the first meeting our outlook changed to optimism and a sense of hope. We really feel we were meant to find our donor that has helped us build our family. Our first two choices had already been selected, but in that time Katie had joined you and she was the perfect choice for us.

I know in years to come that I will share the story of this wonderful woman who I met thanks to you and Christi. It is still early days, but we will keep you updated. The first scan is next Wednesday, so I will let you know how that goes.

We know you receive messages like this all the time, but you have changed our lives in the most profound way.

With love,