Thailand Egg Donation

Thailand Egg Donation | For Egg Recipients from Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Samutsakorn, Nonthaburi and surrounding cities

The Egg Donor Program is respected world wide for its caliber of service and quality of available donors.  Los Angeles, California is known as The Egg Donor Capital of the world. Our Intended Parents come to the United States egg donation to find excellent donors who are exceptionally bright and attractive and to be able to use the medical resources of the top Reproductive Specialists in the world.

We have many Asian egg donors who are motivated by their desire to answers the dreams of infertile couples.  Donating eggs can be a very emotionally rewarding experience for a young woman.  Donating eggs is also rewarding financially as in the USA donors are compensated for  their time and efforts to do the medical procedure.  All of our donors are very well screened, psychologically and medically.  They undergo genetic testing to see if they are carriers of genetic diseases and they also have a psychological test done to determine if they are truthful and stable.

Foreign couples are thrilled with our roster of donors and many photos and extensive information.  We welcome all Thai Intended Parents to California.

To schedule a free consultation please call us at (818) 506-9300 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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