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Spain Egg Donation | For Egg Recipients from Barcelona, Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, The Canary Islands and surrounding cities

Since 1991 our egg donation program and surrogacy program has been considered one of the top international egg donation and  surrogacy agencies. Because we have so many international clients, we believe that many of our wonderful Egg Donors should be available for  international parents as well. Over the years, we have developed a close relationship with Spain due to the many clients we have helped from there. We pride ourselves on having some of the best available donors in the entire world, resulting in donors who are as beautiful internally as they are externally. Our company tends to look for humanitarian reasons within our donors, always exceeding our high expectations.

In the past, clients from Spain have reached out to us in order to get in contact with our list of fine reproductive physicians located here in California.  Los Angeles is called the “Egg Donor Capital of the World” because of the vast amount of so many excellent egg donor candidates. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to be the third party reproduction association to make this all possible.  It has been our honor to facilitate matches with our beautiful Super Donors and our heartwarming, caring surrogate mothers.

Having employees that speak fluent Spanish helps further our ability to help our wonderful clients. We are extremely familiar with Spain’s customs, and would love to recommend places in L.A. that will feel like a home during your time away. We know how worrisome this process and being away from home can be, and we would love to turn those fears into hopes for you and your new family.

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