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Norway Egg Donation | For Egg Recipients from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand and surrounding cities

The Egg Donor Program takes pride in being an international egg donation agency that has provided quality services to parents from all over the world since 1991. We are the first independent egg donor agency of its kind anywhere in the world and have worked closely with parents from cities all over Norway, including Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, and Kristiansand. Our experience and expertise as pioneers in the industry help us effectively facilitate the egg donation process for intended parents by addressing their concerns about egg donation and providing compassionate support for them.

A loving family comes in all shapes and sizes, ethnicities, and genders. The deep yearning for a child is something that goes beyond all physical boundaries. Hence, we knowledgeably facilitate the process for our clientele from across the globe. We understand the trials of infertility and we always strive to provide our clients with a sense of beauty, honor, and compassion throughout the process. At The Egg Donor Program, you will work with our experienced team who will ease your process with constant communication, delicacy and meticulous attention to detail. We aspire to be a part of your journey to build your family and ensure that you are matched with the best candidates in the world from our database of egg donor angels.

Intended parents choose us from across the globe with the affirmation that they will have the best donors and the finest specialists. As a pioneer in the industry, we have become the gold standard when it comes to egg donation. We are known for our professionalism, compassion, and rapid response time.

We understand how big of a decision starting the egg donation process is. On numerous occasions, recipients tell us how they have spent months and sometimes years searching for the perfect donor. Many have struggled and thought that they would never find the one that they are looking for. With much gratitude and appreciation, they tell us of how they were finally able to find a handful of donors that meet their specific standards and find that inner connection amongst our donor angels.

We recognize that it takes tremendous courage to travel to build a family across a continent and we will do our best to make this a wonderfully rewarding journey.

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