Italy Egg Donation

Italy Egg Donation | For Egg Recipients from Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Tuscany and surrounding cities

The Egg Donor Program takes pride in being the first private egg donor agency in the world. Our legacy lies in the wonderful accomplishment of being a part of helping intended parents all over the world complete their families. As the gold standard in egg donation, we strive only for the best. We make sure that our egg donors are the most beautiful, intelligent and compassionate donors in the industry. We have been helping parents around the world since 1991 and have successfully worked with egg donation recipients in Italy to find their perfect donor.

Finding a donor is a deeply personal experience and we always encourage intended parents to not only focus on their search for desired height, eye color and SAT scores but also to find that special donor angel with which they share an emotional connection. Many parents who have gone through our program find themselves creating a true connection with their perfect candidate.

Our Egg donors are beautiful, accomplished and intelligent women from the United States, who yearn to donate eggs. They also have a genuine desire to share the miracle of life. It is not easy to find that perfect donor and most of our clients have had their share of disappointments before finding our egg donor program. With our strict and intensive screening process which includes in-person interviews or video interviews, verified test scores, college status checks, and reviewing transcripts; we are able to keep our database the top of its kind in the US and in the world. We are not just offering eggs, we are building families.

Many of our caring staff at The Egg Donor Program have had first-hand experience in the egg donation  and surrogacy processes themselves, either as recipients, donors, or surrogates, which make them perfect partners as you go through this momentous journey. We work efficiently with your doctor’s office to guarantee that medical records and statistics are handled in a professional manner. It is always an honor for us to facilitate matches with our beautiful super donors and our healthy, caring and trustworthy surrogate mothers.

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