Germany Egg Donation

Germany Egg Donation | For Egg Recipients from Germany

Our relationships with our German clientele have been very special.  We have had the most wonderful German clients and our Surrogacy Program and The Egg Donor Program enjoy a success rate of over 80%.  Our surrogate mother have enjoyed their very lovely couples and are thrilled to see their faces at the day of the birth.  Recipients are able to get a birth certificate and passport for their child(ren) and return home within a week of the birth if they wish.  Our Intended Parents have been most gracious and loving and we have celebrated the triumph of the birth of their babies.

Regarding egg donation for German couples, we have made outstanding matches with parents who connect well with donors from similar backgrounds and heritage.  People are especially pleased to find our donor database of SuperDonors which has the most beautiful, compassionate and intelligent donors in the country.  Parents are able to find young women with very appealing qualities.  For a lower cost we offer frozen egg cycles which are very affordable and convenient for those coming from abroad.  It is only necessary to remain in the US for about one 5 day trip only.

We welcome you to Los Angeles with its wonderful sights and accommodations.The Egg Donor and Surrogacy Programs are known internationally for their highest standard of care and glorious donor and surrogate angels.

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