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Florida Egg Donation

For Recipients for Egg Donation from Miami, Tampa, Palm Beach, Naples and the Greater Florida Area

  Since its inception in 1991, The Egg Donor Program has serviced many couples from the state of Florida.  We have sent a number of egg donors to Florida IVF offices for cycles as well as invited Intended Parents to come to California for the embryo transfer and enjoy the great level of success (over 80%) we enjoy with our preferred physicians.  This is the highest level in the country.  Because of the Zika quarantine by the FDA, preventing donors from most of the state of Florida from donating, many Recipients are coming to California for safety and legal reasons. Using a California physician for the cycle involves one 3 day trip to the Southern California area, and the Intended Mother can monitor the rest of her cycle with a nearby physician.  Since most of our donors are located in California this allows them to choose from many candidates and to save money on travel costs.  Please book a free consultation with our office and the doctor so we can explain more.

May I meet my egg donor?

Many of our egg donors are willing to meet with recipient parents after they are chosen.  We will facilitate this for you.

For Donors from Miami and all over Florida

If you are still interested in donating but you are aware of the Zika quarantine, we may be able to help you.  There are some doctors who can expedite the process and still stay within FDA guidelines.  There are also parts of Florida which remain outside of quarantined areas.  Please call us if you are interested. We offer the highest egg donation pay and a loving supportive staff.

May I donate eggs if I am on birth control pills?

It is actually more convenient if you are on most birth control pills.  You can usually donate if you have an IUD or a hormonal IUD, although it may need to be removed as would an arm implant.  If you are on DepoProvera you cannot donate. Condoms and tubal ligation are fine.




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