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For Recipients for Egg Donation from Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tucson

Since the early 90’s The Egg Donor Program has been pairing recipients from Phoenix, Arizona with egg donors from all different backgrounds. Every year hundreds of recipients from around the world travel to California for our services and our high in vitro fertilization success rate.  We also offer extremely qualified egg donors who donate eggs, an attentive and hardworking staff, and expert care to ensure a successful process if you decide to do your cycle in Arizona. Here at The Egg Donor Program, we understand the overwhelming and sometimes worrisome process that comes along with choosing the right donor. In order to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible during your journey, we help guide you through every part of the cycle.

At first glance, choosing a donor can be very difficult. Because this is such a spiritual and bonding process we also always look for egg donors that are helping for humanitarian reasons, not just money. As you spend more time researching which one might be right for your family, you will find we have hundreds of qualified donors who will exceed our high standards. This is a life-changing decision and we want to do everything in our power to help uphold your family values throughout the egg donation process.

Outside of choosing your donor, we want your time away from Phoenix to feel like a vacation, not just a series of doctor’s visits. There are plenty of upscale accommodations where you can enjoy the mild weather and beautiful sights of California during your stay. Coming to California allows you as the recipients to not only feel comfortable and safe with the medical aspects of egg donation but also the legal side of things as the third party reproduction laws in California further promote a successful and productive cycle.  If your donor is traveling to the greater Phoenix area, we will help you with travel arrangements and facilitation with your doctor’s office.

If I cycle with a California Egg Donor and reproductive center how long do I need to stay in California?

The doctors require one 2-3 day visit only for each embryo transfer. The rest of the cycle can be monitored by your hometown physician.

Can my donor come to my doctor in Phoenix?

As long as your donor is able to travel we will gladly facilitate the cycle with your local doctor.

What are the legal ramifications if I live in Phoenix and cycle in California?

Regardless of where the cycle takes place, you will have a contract protecting your parental rights which is legal and valid.

Donors from Phoenix

If you are from Phoenix or the greater Arizona area and are looking to donate for money, look no further. As the oldest and most established egg donation company in the world, we are always looking for premier donors of all races and religions. Part of exceeding our expectations means that our donors genuinely want to help others in creating a family. This amazing process is about bringing people together, not just about selling your eggs for money, and we treat the compassionate women who donate their eggs like the angels they are.

As the World’s leading egg donation program, we have secured the highest fees for our donors since our company started. We want our donors to be rewarded both emotionally and financially for their amazing gift in this process.

As a company that takes care of our donors, we would love to have you come to Los Angeles for the donation cycle. While we have many connections with doctors and hospitals in Arizona, coming to Los Angeles allows us to facilitate the entire cycle with the doctors we trust the most. Your recipient parents cover the costs of travel for you and a companion.

For Surrogate Mothers

How do I become a Surrogate Mother?

We offer the most loving program for surrogate angels all over the United States with the highest compensation and an attentive, supportive staff. You can apply to become a surrogate mother here: Apply to be a Surrogate Angel

To schedule a free consultation please call us at (818) 506-9300 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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