Recipient Parents

We are looking forward to helping you start your family with one of our egg donors, whether you are our California neighbor or Out of Town Recipient looking for an egg donor. If you are coming from across the country or across the world, we welcome you to Los Angeles, the Egg Donation Capital of the world. We have California egg donors and egg donor angels located throughout the United States.

Our Mission

  • To locate stunning, well motivated candidates with the most desirable attributes and strength of character.
  • To accept no more than 5% of our egg donor applications
  • To be instrumental in setting & surpassing industry standards as we have since we pioneered egg donation in the USA and world wide
  • To provide competitive program costs
  • To provide reliable financial auditing
  • To provide secure and confidential records
  • To provide cycle coordination by attentive and caring staff members
  • To honor the responsibility of creating families


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