Egg Recipients


  • To locate stunning, well-motivated candidates with the most desirable attributes and strength of character.
  • To accept no more than 5% of our egg donor applications
  • To be instrumental in setting & surpassing industry standards as we have since we pioneered egg donation in the USA and world wide
  • To provide competitive program costs
  • To provide reliable financial auditing
  • To provide secure and confidential records
  • To provide cycle coordination by attentive and caring staff members
  • To honor the responsibility of creating families

If you are coming from across the country or across the world, we welcome you to Los Angeles, the Egg Donation Capital of the world. We have California egg donors and egg donor angels located throughout the United States.

Recipient Application


At the Egg Donor Program we have firsthand experience with the donation process – because many of us have been through it ourselves, either as recipients or donors. We work promptly with your physician’s office to ensure that medical records and statistics are presented in a dependable manner. Finding a donor is a very personal process and we work hard to ensure that you find your perfect match. People love our candor and the fact that we make suggestions to expand their search. While statistics like height, eye color, and SAT scores are important to many people, we would also love to give you a sense of your donor’s unique spirit, so you can connect with her on deeper level. Because we understand how frustrating and saddening it can be to choose a donor only to find out she is not actually available, we have established a policy not to present donors on our website unless they are currently available.

Vanessa Abreu

Vanessa Abreu

Match Coordinator

I feel like I have the best job in the world because I get to help so many wonderful people who are going to make exceptional parents someday.

Sidney Wilson

Sidney Wilson

Egg Donor Coordinator

Being a donor, and now working here at The Egg Donor Program has been an amazing experience for me. I feel so lucky that I have been able to give the gift of donation and now play a role in a different side of the journey.

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