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The laws governing egg donation are very different between Canada and the United States.  Because compensation is very limited in Canada but very open in the US, egg donation has been mainstreamed in the near thirty years since its inception.  There are thousands of women with very desirable qualities who are excited to donate to Canadian Intended Parents.  Since our backgrounds and cultures are so similar, it is very easy for our neighbors to the North to connect with American egg donors.

Intended Parents from Canada can begin their  cycles in their hometowns of Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver  and surrounding cities and return there for monitoring of the pregnancy a day or two after the IVF procedure in the United States at our Los Angeles, CA, facility.  Typically Canadians with fertility issues make one visit to the US for 3 to 5 days for the embryo transfer, or they can create embryos which can then be frozen and sent to Canada for the transfer.

Most of our international clientele come to Los Angeles, the Egg Donor Capital of the World, where the success rates are the highest (over 80%) and the quality and quantity of available egg donors is so impressive.

If I come from Canada will my parental rights be protected?

You will be signing a contract with your egg donor (on separate pages to protect your anonymity).  California is most favorable to third party assisted reproduction.  Since the egg donation cycle in California will take place in this State, California law prevails.  There has never been a case where an egg donor has tried to gain rights to the child.  At The Egg Donor & Surrogacy Program, we provide excellent and experienced attorneys in reproductive law to recommend to our intended parents as well as our ovum donors.  We cover the costs for this.

If I live in Canada and wish to donate can I do so in the US?

Yes you can donate if you reside in Canada but you cannot be paid a fee in Canada, therefore most young women come to the US to donate where they can receive a generous egg donor compensation.  They are asked to make 2 visits.  One is a brief visit for a screening and the second visit is for 5-7 days for the retrieval.  We will pay the travel costs for you and a companion.

Donating is a life changing experience, answering the dreams of a stranger, and it stays in your heart forever.  You will hear about the parents you are helping and receive a letter from them and know the outcome if you wish.

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