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Egg Recipients


  • To locate stunning, well-motivated candidates with the most desirable attributes and strength of character.
  • To accept no more than 5% of our egg donor applications
  • To be instrumental in setting & surpassing industry standards as we have since we pioneered egg donation in the USA and world wide
  • To provide competitive program costs
  • To provide reliable financial auditing
  • To provide secure and confidential records
  • To provide cycle coordination by attentive and caring staff members
  • To honor the responsibility of creating families

If you are coming from across the country or across the world, we welcome you to Los Angeles, the Egg Donation Capital of the world. We have California egg donors and egg donor angels located throughout the United States.

Recipient Application

Egg Donation Costs

We don’t like hidden costs, so we want you to be aware of all the fees that are incurred for your cycle up front. We are proud that our company offers an all-inclusive program fee that is less costly than other reputable agencies. Our program fee includes legal costs, donor insurance, psychological and genetic reports.




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The Program Fee – $11,000

One comprehensive program fee includes:

  • Personal matching with your Donor
  • Donor insurance policy
  • Evaluation and report for the Donor from a licensed geneticist
  • Psychological testing and report for the Donor
  • Social evaluation of the Donor
  • Attorneys for the legal contract between Donor and Recipient which will be assigned by the program
  • One attorney to represent the Donor
  • One attorney to represent the Recipient
  • Diligent coordination of the IVF cycle
  • Interfacing with the medical office
  • Travel arrangements as needed (please see fee schedule below. Note: $500 administration fee may apply.)
  • Possible meeting with the donor (if requested after matching)
  • Donor’s notarization

The Premier Program

The Egg Donor Program established its Premier Program of Super Donors to offer options to recipients who are looking for highly qualified young woman to donate. Premier Donors command a slightly higher fee per cycle due to a select group of criteria, which may or may not include:

  • Multiple successful cycles with proven pregnancies
  • Superior professional achievements
  • Physical attributes
  • Higher education degree

Donor Fees

Donor fees can vary. Please check with your match coordinator.

  • First time donors are compensated $8,000 and up
  • Experienced donors are compensated additionally per completed cycle. This compensation is for the dedication, effort, time and possible discomfort involved with the egg donor process. Upon occasion donors may receive additional reimbursement for their travel or lost wages. Fees may vary so please consult with your Match Coordinator for specific donor compensations.

Escrow Account Service Fee – $350

Travel Fees

Please click here for more information.

Medical Fees

* Medical costs are not included in the program estimate above. Medical Costs should be determined by your Physician’s office.


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