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  • To locate stunning, well-motivated candidates with the most desirable attributes and strength of character.
  • To accept no more than 5% of our egg donor applications
  • To be instrumental in setting & surpassing industry standards as we have since we pioneered egg donation in the USA and world wide
  • To provide competitive program costs
  • To provide reliable financial auditing
  • To provide secure and confidential records
  • To provide cycle coordination by attentive and caring staff members
  • To honor the responsibility of creating families

If you are coming from across the country or across the world, we welcome you to Los Angeles, the Egg Donation Capital of the world. We have California egg donors and egg donor angels located throughout the United States.

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CA Egg Donation

Established in 1991 in Los Angeles, California – The Egg Donor Program began as the first egg donation program in the world. The supportive egg donation laws, the advanced medical technology, and the availability of fabulous egg donor candidates; all make California the perfect center for egg donation. We are known to consistently recruit very upscale donor candidates with highly sought after qualities.

Los Angeles is known as “the Egg Donor Capital of the World.” In the state of California, there are so many women of the right age with qualities of beauty and remarkable accomplishments who make outstanding candidates for egg donation.  Unlike the rest of the country where there is a shortage of donors, the state offers a lot of potential qualified egg donors. At our Los Angeles egg donation agency, we accept only 5% of those who apply.

The favorable legal climate in California towards egg donation helps us feel confident about the validity of the contracts established to protect parental rights. The Egg Donor Program is notable for including the fees for attorneys to represent both the egg recipient and the donor within the program fee charged. There are many excellent reproductive facilities with highly regarded doctors who have superb success rates and extensive experience performing third party reproductive cycles such as egg donation in California. Recipients come to California from all over the world to participate in egg donor cycles with the assurance that they will have the best donors available, the finest doctors and the most secure legal process. Often called The Gold Standard of egg donation, The Egg Donor Program was not only a pioneer in establishing this trend towards egg donation in California, but it also continues to be the most prestigious program of its kind.

California has so much to offer, whether you’re traveling from out of state or from across the globe. It is the ideal place to start your journey to parenthood through egg donation. California is home to several major airports for ease of travel including the LAX International airport in Los Angeles. There are safe and upscale hotel accommodations within close proximities to the nation’s top IVF facilities. California also boasts a diverse offering of sites to see from our beautiful beaches to world-class museums, and family-friendly theme parks. We welcome you to explore our beautiful region and make it your home away from home while you’re in town for your cycle.

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