Find an Egg Donor: How to Make the Perfect Match By The Egg Donor & Surrogacy Program on June 28, 2019

Don’t Rush

Just like you wouldn’t marry a person on the first date, you don’t need to commit to the first donor you see.

You may not find the perfect donor right away, and that’s okay. We recommend taking your time by reading through the donor’s profiles thoroughly. Spend time getting familiar with the donor’s information and determine if you think a connection could be made. This way, you’ll be able to make a more well-informed decision.

Have Realistic Expectations

Remember: No one is perfect. While you may have a list of requirements that your donor must have, you need to be willing to compromise.

With your partner, make a list of non-negotiable traits and then be willing to compromise on the rest.

Some critical questions to consider include:

Do you want your child to resemble you or your partner?

It is entirely natural that parents would want their child to resemble them. If you and your partner are tall with brown eyes, maybe you want to find a donor with similar traits. Often intended parents choose donors who look similar to them or their partner.

Is skin color, eye color, and hair color important?

To some intended parents, the race of the donor is very important. For example, some couples are willing to pay more for an Asian or a Jewish donor. This is because they want their child to have the same traits or background as they do.

Is it Important that the donor have a high IQ?

Everyone would like a donor who has a doctorate from Harvard, but you’ll need to consider how important an advanced degree is to your lifestyle.

While it’s crucial the donor is motivated and has goals, higher degrees don’t always equal the best choice for your family. Maybe you’d rather have a donor who is artistic and creative or one who loves to travel.

Just keep in mind there are other ways to be successful besides going to an Ivy league college.

Does the donor need to be athletic?

Are you and your partner active? Do you want to raise a basketball player? Maybe find a donor who is tall and athletic to increase those chances.

There’s nothing wrong about having hopes and dreams for your child, but just remember that every child comes with their own unique traits -- regardless of who their parents are.

Needless to say, there are a lot of traits to consider when choosing a donor. The best advice we can give is to pick a donor who would fit into your lifestyle and then go from there.

Medical and Mental History

This is probably the most critical aspect of choosing donor -- the medical history.

As part of the donor application process, egg donors have strict requirements and are put through an extensive series of tests. These include making their medical history available and taking a psychological evaluation. This is to ensure that any donor you choose will be healthy and willing to donate.

All donors must be non-smoking, be clean of any STDs, and have no addictions to any sort of drugs.

Known Vs. Unknown

There are different kinds of contracts you can enter into with the egg donor. Most donors will be anonymous. Some donors may be open to future contact or meeting. Others may want pictures or cards while the child is growing up. Is that something you’d be comfortable with?

Many donors would rather not have updates on the child and would like to remain anonymous to both the intended parents and child.

As a couple, you’ll need to decide what is best for you and your family. There is no wrong answer, just whatever you are most comfortable with.

Find an Egg Donor

If you’re looking for the perfect egg donor to start your family, don’t hesitate to contact us. It may take some time, but we are confident we can find an egg donor that is perfect for you.

So let’s get started.



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