How Much Do You Get for Donating Eggs? By The Egg Donor & Surrogacy Program on July 26, 2018


When it comes to the monetary amount a donor receives for donating her eggs, or donor compensation as we like to call it- the amount can vary. While every woman who wants to donate her eggs is a generous one, there are a few things that can affect the compensation a donor receives.

Compensation is given to a donor to do just that: compensate her for her time, energy, and emotional commitment to this process. A donor deserves being compensated as she carries out a donation and perhaps is off the market for other opportunities.

Here’s a guide on things that programs take into consideration regarding how much you get for donating your eggs:

1. Education

Education is a huge factor for egg donors. The higher the education, the more compensation a donor can receive. There is a huge demand for highly educated donors in the market right now.

If you attend or did attend an ivy league school, your compensation can skyrocket. If you’ve only completed high school, your compensation won’t be as high. Intended parents like a donor who is educated because it sometimes is indicative that the donor is driven, ambitious, and smart.

There are so many wonderful donors without crazy high education levels, and we love those donors. There are other factors that intended parents consider as well, so don’t let a lower education concern you. We are here to highlight what is best about you.

2. Physical Traits

In a process where intended parents can choose certain attributes or characteristics, they often do so. However- there is no universal standard for beauty. What’s beautiful about egg donation is that every donor will appeal to a set of couples trying to have a child in a different way.

There’s a chance you might resemble the woman trying to have a child. Or perhaps you have the height of the two gay men trying to have a baby. There are many reasons you might be selected as a donor, and physical traits are at the top of the list.

Eye color, height, a good BMI and overall health affect donor compensation. When asking, “How much do you get for donating eggs?”, keep in mind that your physical characteristics do matter.

A good BMI is important. People will pay more for fit donors. You might also receive more if you have height genes in your family.

3. Age

How much do you get for donating eggs? Your donor compensation can also depend on your age. Younger donors tend to qualify for higher compensation rates because younger eggs are usually considered to be of higher quality.

We love donors of all ages. However, there is a very specific age range of women who are qualified to donate eggs based on our biological clocks.

If you’re ready to donate your eggs to a family in need and receive a great compensation rate, contact us today!

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