Guide: How to Donate Eggs By The Egg Donor & Surrogacy Program on June 19, 2018

donate eggs

Donating one's eggs can be a process that includes many steps. There are different phases for a generous woman who wants to donate eggs. When you’re making the dreams of another couple come true, every step will be one that is worthwhile.

Many intended parents consider their egg donors to be true angels, sent from above to help them fulfill their greatest wishes. But how does one donate their eggs and how do you get started?

Here’s a guide on exactly what you need to do to become the egg donor a couple is waiting for:

Apply Online

Yes, just like a job application, to donate eggs you need to submit an application. Unfortunately, not every incredible woman who wants to donate is fit to do so. There are many different qualifications that allow a donor to donate.

Consider your health history, your age, your BMI, and your reasons for donating before you apply. When you’re ready, simply go online and fill out the questionnaire and submit some photos of yourself for review.

After a few days, you’ll hear back from us in regards to your application. Though we can’t accept every donor, we wish we could!

Be Available to Attend Appointments to Donate Eggs

One of the biggest things we look for in our egg donors is the ability to keep appointments and be punctual. Reliability is a big deal to intended parents when choosing a donor. With so many emotions and such a financial investment involved, it’s important that you follow through and show up to your scheduled cycle appointments.

From psychological evaluations to genetic counseling, there will be an ample amount of things to attend to. Then, once you start your cycle you will have early appointments to attend to ensure you are safe, sound, and ready to donate eggs.

This is all for your benefit and the benefit of the people you are so generously helping. Keeping appointments and staying punctual will help the process move along steadily and securely.

Consider What You Want, Too

The great thing about choosing to donate eggs is that you will be able to choose certain things about your process. You can choose to be open or anonymous. You can decide if you’d like to travel or stay as a local donor.

When it comes to how to donate eggs, consider all of the things that will make this is a positive experience for you. Come to your consult ready to state what you think would make this a wonderful journey.

Consider compensation and how to make this a worthwhile venture while you help another couple on their path to parenthood.

When you’re ready to donate eggs, contact the best program in the world of egg donation to help you on your way.

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