Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate A LETTER TO FUTURE SURROGATES

Dear Surrogate Angel,

Thank you for considering our program for your surrogacy journey. We believe that surrogates make miracles possible. We strive to match our Surrogates with Intended Parents with whom they are compatible so that each journey is a positive experience. Surrogacy is not a “one size fits all” experience. We look forward to providing you with compassionate support during your personalized experience.

Our Surrogacy agency is among the oldest and most respected of its kind, having been in business since 1991. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide and the special relationships we maintain with our wonderful Surrogates and Intended Parents. Our attentive and experienced staff will provide support throughout the matching process, IVF cycle, pregnancy, and birth to ensure your journey is a positive one.

Our Surrogates are rewarded for their selfless gift with an excellent benefits package including comfort gifts during the pregnancy, a $1,000 gift to the surrogate’s children, and a $500 vacation gift after the birth. Such an extraordinary gift deserves the highest compensation and first-time surrogate compensation packages start at $52,000 with higher compensation for candidates residing in California, and previous surrogate experience.

We welcome you to our surrogate family. 

Warm regards,

The Egg Donor & Surrogacy Program Team

Steps to become a Surrogate

At our program we cherish our surrogates for the angels that they are. We understand that this process takes careful consideration and research. When starting off there are so many questions that arise. It is helpful to understand what to expect when being screened as a surrogate candidate. We do our best to break up the screening process into manageable steps so that it is not a stressor in your life. We are respectful and appreciative of the time our surrogate applicants spend being screened. Depending on how quickly the medical records are provided by your past medical care providers/facilities, and on your responsiveness and scheduling availability, the average screening time is 1-2 months. We are available every step of the way to answer questions and ensure that you feel supported.

Here is a step by step explanation of the routine screening process for surrogates.

Step 1: Apply to be a Surrogate

Visit our website:Apply Here to submit your application to our program. Someone will be in touch with you by the following business day after application submission by phone or email.

Step 2: Initial Screening Call

Our Surrogate Match Coordinator, who is herself an experienced surrogate, will coordinate an initial screening call with you to get to know you, answer all your questions, and help you assess if our program is the right fit for your needs.

Step 3: Complete Medical Questionnaire/ Request Medical Records

The Surrogate Match Coordinator will send you a brief questionnaire regarding your medical history, then we will work with you to obtain copies of your medical records from your previous OB offices, delivery hospitals, and IVF clinics (if applicable).  Once your records come in they will be reviewed by an IVF doctor for medical pre-approval to ensure you are a good medical candidate for surrogacy.

Step 4: Social Screening Video Conference

The Surrogate Match Coordinator will have a face-to-face video conference with you to get to know you and gather information that will help us to find a wonderful intended parent match for you.

Step 5: Medical Information Call

Our Surrogate Match Coordinator will have a call with you to explain the medical aspects of the surrogacy process including the IVF screening, cycle, and transfer.

Step 6: Spouse/Partner Call

The Surrogate Match Coordinator will have a call with your spouse/committed partner if applicable to ensure they are supportive of the surrogacy and that their questions are also answered. This is a family process and we want to make sure your partner is also on board and feels supported as well in this journey.

Step 6: Complete Welcome Packet of Paperwork

Once your medical records have all come in we will have you complete a welcome packet of paperwork that provides important information about being a surrogate, and also includes pertinent details we will need such as the forms authorizing routine background checks for you and your partner (if applicable), driver’s license copies, and paystubs to calculate future lost wages.

Step 7: Financial Compensation Call

Our Financial Coordinator will have a call or video conference with you to go over the compensation package and ensure all your financial questions are answered.

Step 8: Routine Background Check for Surrogate and Spouse/Partner

We will submit the request to run the routine background checks for you and your spouse/partner (if applicable) after your medical records have been pre-approved by the Medical Director,

Step 9: Psychological Screening

You and your spouse/partner (if applicable) will meet with a therapist/psychologist to discuss your preparedness to become a surrogate. The therapist/psychologist will administer an MMPI-2 or PAI test to assess your personality, motivational fit, and screen for major psychological concerns. The interview and test results will be combined into a psychological report clearing you to proceed as a surrogate.

Step 10: Matching

Once you’ve passed the screening as detailed above we’re ready to start finding your perfect match.  We will take into consideration your wants, needs, personality, medical history, and state laws to connect you with a wonderful intended parent match.  You will receive a “Dear Surrogate” letter written by the intended parent(s) and pictures. If you love what you read, our Intended Parent Coordinator will facilitate the first meeting via video conference to solidify the match.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Surrogate Family!

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