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The Agency for Superdonors

The Egg Donor Program was founded in 1991 by Shelley Smith, a licensed Marriage Family Therapist who is herself a mother of twins conceived through ovum donation. We are personally committed to your needs with an experienced and caring staff. From your initial consultation to ovum retrieval and beyond, we are here to answer your questions, offer solutions, and would consider it an honor to help facilitate your dreams of creating a family.

“The Measure of your life is what you’ve done for others.”

Helping people expand their families is more than a job to me, it is my calling. My work is infused with personal connections, from the loss of my son, which motivated me to begin my program, to my six years of infertility treatments, to my wonderful resolution with the birth of my twins through ovum donation. There is not a moment in my many years of facilitating when I haven’t felt privileged to be able to help people at such a defining moment in their lives. Choosing a donor is one of the most important and deeply emotional experiences one can face. My superior staff and I understand the nuances, stresses, and blessings people experience at this pivotal time. As I look back at the faces of the lovely couples we have helped, the darling babies who have been born, and finally the tremendous women who have given such gifts, I know that I have spent my career in the company of angels and witnessed miracles of science and the human heart. I have a master’s degree in psychology and am licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist in California since 1993. In my former careers I was a model and an actress.

Meet Some of Our Staff

Egg Donation Team

Alex Maron
Cycle Coordinator
I was born in Paris, France and grew up in Spain, daughter of a master painter and artist Salvador Maron and famous 60's model & designer Willy van Rooy and younger sister of a talented designer who still lives in Madrid, Spain. I moved with my parents to Los Angeles when I was 13 to pursue modeling. I have been an entrepreneur for a large part of my adult life and my major interests are fashion and art. I am married to a wonderful man and have 3 awesome children. I can only imagine the thrill a couple feels being able to attain their dream of starting a family through this wonderful program. I have been part of this great team of women for a number of years now and am grateful to see Shelley Smith do what she does with so much passion and love; there is no better reward than to see how she has touched so many lives. I am honored to be part of this wonderful process and see these lovely families grow through our program.
Vanessa Abreu
Match Coordinator
I am originally from Northern California, and I moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating college with a Degree in Film & Television. In early 2007, I was given the wonderful opportunity to begin working with Shelley Smith. Being a part of such an amazing staff and seeing couples achieve their dreams as parents is very satisfying. Last year I was able to successfully donate stem cells for my ailing brother. Having been able to help him, and knowing I have the chance to work in an environment where I can help others is incredible. It is wonderful to witness the complete journey people experience through our Surrogacy Program, and work with the most selfless donors and recipients in The Egg Donor Program. There is something truly amazing when for us as the journey ends with the birth of a beautiful child, and we know the couple is just beginning their experience.
Sidney Wilson
Egg Donation Coordinator
I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, I have always possessed a zest for life. Coming from a big loving family, I have always been surrounded by an overwhelming amount of support, encouragement and love. I have taken all of these tools and carried them with me especially while making my move to L.A. I have pursued writing, and acting while out in the big city. Volunteering for organizations that benefit women and children has been close to my heart and inspired me to work for Shelley Smith and The Egg Donor Program. It is amazing to see what endless love these families have in their hearts and the continuous fights that they go through to become parents or expand their families. When it all comes full circle, it is truly a miracle that I am fortunate enough to be a tiny part of.
Sue Lynn
Records Administrator
I have been working with Shelley Smith for some time now and I can honestly say it has been one of the most heartwarming experiences for me. Originally from a small town in the Western US, I grew up in a large family. It has always been, "family first". So now, working with The Egg Donor Program, it is an amazing thing to help people create their families. They call me "Butters" in the office because I am always concerned about everything going well for people. (Hence the photo!) I am married to a wonderful man and we have an incredible daughter. I have a BA in Theater Arts. I've been an Herbalist for twenty years, am a Reiki Master and am also in the middle of recording an "Earth Consciousness" CD. Basically, I love my life and being a part of The Egg Donor Program has allowed me to watch the joy of life itself unfolding.
Tammy Bottita
Office Manager
I was born in Western New York but grew up in Arizona. I relocated to Pasadena with my fiancé David four years ago and we’re enjoying all that California has to offer. As the oldest of five children, being a nurturer and juggling multiple roles has always come naturally for me. I thrive by finding a way to always be useful. My past careers include many years in the music industry and office management in the accounting field. When the opportunity arose for me to join the league of exceptional ladies at The Egg Donor Program I jumped at it. Being a part of this team is extremely fulfilling as we get to help loving recipients from start to finish on their quest to become parents or expand their families. My pastimes include reading, volunteer work, hanging out with my nieces and nephew, spending quality time with my Fiancé and our fur baby Atlas who is a Chihuahua mix.
Dana Blenkin
Having grown up in Calgary, Canada, I moved to Los Angeles in 1997. Though my family remains there, it was an easy decision to make: after multiple pilgrimages with my family to Newport Beach, Hollywood, and Disneyland, the freeways of Southern California were almost as familiar to me as the Trans-Canada Highway (and even today, travel remains one of my favorite pastimes!). Originally, I moved to follow the dream of so many "acting". While waiting for that elusive break, I began working alongside an accountant at a small firm. That job lasted over eight years, and the career much longer, sustaining me through one adventure after another. My passion turned from acting to history, and in 2008 I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in History. The experience and relationships I culled in accounting over the last 12 years have been invaluable, and eventually lead to the opportunity to work with Shelley Smith. It is truly inspirational to see Shelley, and everyone else here, help breathe hope into dreams almost forgotten. I feel fortunate to work in a place where generosity and graciousness abound, and gifts of happiness to loving couples are a daily occurrence.

Our Surrogacy Team

Carolyn Meyer
Surrogacy Coordinator
I am originally from Michigan. I entered this field of Surrogacy through a friend. I never dreamed of moving into this type of job. Nor did I realize what a blessing it would be. I didn't know how extraordinary it was to be a Surrogate. In the short time that I have been here I have seen such wonderful people trying to have babies that for one reason or other are unable to but have so much love to give a child and so desperately try and try again with such hope and faith. The process of matching a Surrogate to a couple is so amazing. The thought, love, selflessness, passion, soul, and heart that goes into this sometimes long process of bringing a life into this world is astounding. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing, miraculous journey for all involved. Every day I am reminded of how precious life is and that we should not take our lives or being able to bring a life into this world for granted. I look forward to your journey.
Shoshannah Ingersoll
Surrogacy Associate
I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I'm a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of the USA and completed my Gold Award organizing a series of seminars and support groups to promote positive body image and eating disorder awareness for young men and women. My career experience has been rooted in customer service, management, and operations. My husband and my children are the greatest loves of my life. My dream has always been to find a job that I could be passionate about and at the end of the day know that I had done my part in making a difference in the world. My grandmother used to say that if you saw someone in need and you thought there was even a small chance that you might be able to help then it was your duty to try. Knowing that there are wonderful people in the world who desperately want and deserve to be parents but for many reasons are not able to do it alone inspired me to become a surrogate mother. From the moment I met with Shelley I knew that her agency was different from all the others. I had the honor of being a gestational surrogate for a lovely couple with the support of Shelley's amazing staff. Shelley has a gift for matching couples and surrogates based on real compatibility. I'm proud to now work with Shelley's agency and be a small part of the incredible work that they do. I feel whole knowing that I am playing a part in a process that gives couples the most wonderful gift in the world: the gift of family.
Janice Chavez
Surrogacy Accounting Associate
I was born and raised in Sacramento and moved to Los Angeles with my Husband in 2011. In March of 2015 we adopted our first little one, Jasper, a 7 month old Australian Sheppard – and he is sweetest pup! Though I miss my immediate family in Sacramento, I’ve embraced sunny Southern California, as I enjoy an active life with my little family: hiking in the local mountains, going to the dog beach, practicing yoga and sharing barbecues with friends. I came from an accounting background with Sutter Health in Northern California, which translates nicely to my current position at The Surrogacy Program! I feel fortunate to be a part of a team that gets to help families in such a profound way. It’s a blessing to work with Shelley and her team, who are all not only intelligent and driven, but also so passionate in helping build families through the surrogacy process. I feel very fortunate for this opportunity and am so thankful to come into work each day at the program.