Welcome to The Egg Donor Program

We look forward to helping you on your pathway to parenthood.

Our actual angels pictured below and so many others have made dreams come true.

“The Egg Donor Program is the premier egg donation agency in the United States for solving female infertility by IVF donor egg treatment. Our Los Angeles based egg donor clinic has the most beautiful and accomplished donors in the country. Our egg donor center is also known for its extensive database of Superdonors, which includes hundreds of women from many diverse ethnic backgrounds. For over 15 years we have specialized in matching couples with exquisite young women whose motivations are heartfelt.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor and want to be listed with the country’s most prestigious egg donation agency, we will ensure that your journey is safe and gratifying and we will reward you for your gesture with commemorating gifts and the highest level of compensation. We will treat you like the angel you are.

The Surrogacy Program was established in 1991 by Shelley Smith, a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California. Our Surrogacy agency is among the oldest and most respected of its kind. Our highly qualified gestational surrogate mothers all reside within the state of California and we provide excellent matches with loving surrogate mothers and financially sound escrow accounts.

If you are hoping to build your family through IVF donor egg treatment, we will facilitate your search in a loving and supportive manner. We will personally guide you in finding your donor angel or surrogate mother and carefully oversee your cycle in a warm and professional manner. We are honored to help you connect with an amazing woman and to assist you in building your family through egg donation and or surrogacy.”